December 11, 2008-Thursday

Kelsey Ruger of Pop Labs And His Creative Workshop "Tales From the Wonder Emporium: Visual and Creative Thinking in Business"

Kelsey Ruger
Kelsey Ruger

Explore the power of Passion, Imagination, Creativity, Exploration, and Experimentation in your Organization. Visual thinking is the hallmark of creativity, and visual learners usually gravitate towards creative professions like art, design, architecture, computer programming, graphics, animation, and physics. But understanding the power of Visual and Creative Thinking can have huge impacts on your company's ability to innovate, effectively communicate with customers and remain competitive in a swiftly changing world.


Kelsey is an accomplished software architect, designer and information architect who has lent his expertise to high profile Internet projects at Prodigy and SBC as well as a number of start-ups. Kelsey is currently the Director of Technology and Creative Services for Houston based PopLabs where he is responsible for the company’s product development and creative services and marketing teams. Prior to joining Pop Labs, Kelsey was one of the youngest directors in the SBC Telecommunications family of companies, where he led the client development efforts for SBC Prodigy and SBC Internet. As SBC’s development lead he was vital in designing, planning and implementing the first SBC Yahoo Dial and DSL kits. Kelsey is passionate about creating a world where technology is transparent, simple and universally accessible to all people regardless of ability, and shares this passion on his personal ‘blog’ The Moleskin ( He spends a great deal of his free time teaching and writing about usability, accessibility, Web Standards, social media and emerging technology. 


December 11, 2008

11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Reeves Uptown
1639 Ryan St.
Lake Charles, Louisiana


Your RSVP must be received no later than 3 p.m. on Monday, December 8.
Lunch: $13 AAFLC members; $17 nonmembers/guests (please pay at door with cash or check to AAFLC)
RSVP to or call 478-7396.

(The RSVP deadline is important because we have to send the number to Reeves for food preparation. We will be charged one meal for every RSVP, so if you RSVP and do not attend, we must bill you anyway.)