November 11, 2008

Jeff Beckham of AT&T and his presentation "AT&T and Cingular: Brand Transition and Transformation"

Jeff Beckham
Jeff Beckham

Jeff Beckham works as a website manager in the eCommerce strategy
group at AT&T. The group's primary purpose is planning and execution
of the main corporate website: As part of the strategy group,
Jeff has done everything from establishing the company's search-engine
optimization group, to creating a set of customer experience metrics,
to incorporating methods to boost sales and service traffic through
the home page. Prior to working at AT&T, Jeff worked at
internet consultancy Scient, as managing editor of an outdoor
recreation website, and as a sports journalist. He lives in Austin,

Jeff's presentation "AT&T and Cingular: Brand Transition and Transformation" will focus on how AT&T and cingular came together, went through rebranding, and emerged with a result that blended a bit of both companies.

Key points of Jeff's presentation:

  • AT&T's history with mergers
  • AT&T buys BellSouth & Cingular
  • Why we proceeded the way we did
  • How we executed on the transition
  • Impact of the iPhone
  • How the new brand is reflected on the Web
  • Brand transition vs. brand transformation


November 11, 2008
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Reeves Uptown
1639 Ryan St.
Lake Charles, Louisiana


Your RSVP must be received no later than 3 p.m. on Friday, November 7.
Lunch: $13 AAFLC members; $17 nonmembers/guests (please pay at door with cash or check to AAFLC)
RSVP to or call 478-7396.

(The RSVP deadline is important because we have to send the number to Reeves for food preparation. We will be charged one meal for every RSVP, so if you RSVP and do not attend, we must bill you anyway.)

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