Benefits of Membership

Ad club membership provides you with the opportunity to…


• Gain influence in a professional club that impacts the future of advertising in the (local) community and nationally through its affiliation with the American Advertising Federation.


  • Interact professionally and personally with local industry leaders through the ad club’s programs and events.


• Benefit from the ad club’s participation in the industry’s only grassroots legislative network, providing an effective lobbying coalition that opposes taxes and restrictions on advertising.


• Receive timely information on local and national advertising issues including government relations, public service, self-regulation, education and recognition of excellence in advertising and by its practitioners.


• Enjoy professional development through club meetings and events.


• Take advantage of exclusive club benefits provided through the AAF such as discounts on publications, overnight delivery services and rental car charges.


• Receive recognition and honor for accomplishments and industry contributions.


• Participate in public service initiatives that directly impact the well-being of the (local) community and enhance the public’s perception of our industry.


• Participate in programs that encourage high industry standards and elevate the consumers’ perception of the ad industry